Fawn Monique was inspired to create FAWN from some wonderful experiences she has had on her journey as a makeup artist from all over the USA to the shores of Haiti, by launching FAWN she hopes to spread her love for inner and outer beauty around the world and make alot of people smile.
"In 2010 I was asked to visit a private school in NY that hosts girls and boys with special needs. I had no idea how this experience would change my path as an artist. I was asked to set up a day of makeup lessons with the girls ages 12-18. As I stepped in to the class room, I was met with a high level of energy and spirit. Each girl waited patiently for their turn at getting her lesson. They sang and danced; and after we finished, they had a pizza party. The girls hugged and thanked me for such a special day. For just one donate day out of my life, I was able to touch the hearts of people that might not have had the chance. As I was leaving, a girl I call KK came up to me and gave me a huge hug and a card that she made for me. This card, which is in the picture slide, will always be a part of the heart of FAWN and is placed right next to our makeup station at the studio. As I was driving home, I cried the entire 2 hour drive and started brainstorming on how I could do something like this more often and create more smiles on people's faces. I put together a team and set up the next special day which was amazing with makeup, hair, nails, and a photographer to make the moments last forever. We even had clothing donations, makeup,and nail polish donations. It was so easy to ask artists to donate a bit of their time to help make someone feel uplifted, inspired and beautiful.
Be everything you want to be in life, BE YOU FIRST - BE YOU ALWAYS." -Fawn Monique Dellavalle
At FAWN we have a a group of beauty artists that inspire people of all generations to see their personal beauty inside and out, to follow their dreams and to help others by sharing kindness. We set out to make a positive difference in the world where a lot of hurt lives and to show that beauty lives within everyone.
The artists at FAWN donate their time to group events for girls, charity events, and working with women and girls in need to help them with their beauty appearance, both inside and out.
FAWN is a group of highly trained and dedicated artists that have skills from makeup, skin care, hair, and photography. FAWN supports wellness and beauty.