Know the Rules to Break the Rules:
Learn the Beauty Basics to excel your technique and confidence using makeup for your makeup guests. This class covers a basic full makeup application, a natural to intense beauty design, face shape fundamentals, color theory design, importance of skin therapy, and how to connect with your guest. Great class for first time artists and seasoned artists that want a refresher.
$150-250 per session

Bridal Beauty:
Bridal Beauty trains you on the most desired looks in current bridal trends by giving you a personal eye view into how makeup appears after being photographed. Get the skills needed to excel your hand and craft as a bridal beauty makeup artist. Learn easy ways to build your name in the bridal makeup world. Learn how to connect with your bride and her bridesmaids to master a desired look for every application.
$150-250 per session.

Create Editorial Makeup:
In this class you will be inspired to create your look and execute it for an on-site photo shoot. This class goes through the building concepts, what goes into creating a look, refining your look to shoot a picture perfect image. Build your mood board, be inspired, and paint some face.
$150-250.00 per education session

4 Day Beauty Basics Makeup Course:
Learn the basics of makeup design to create flawless applications for the main concepts of makeup beauty. 
Covers application, color theory, four beauty concepts, and how to select personlized makeup colors and products for your guests individual needs. 
$1000.00 per student

6 Day Course Everything about MAKEUP:
Have you always dreamed of doing makeup? This is a one-on-one training with Fawn Monique. That covers the beauty makeup industries in's and out's, makeup applications from everyday- editorial design, and how to get your name out to the industry. This training can be broken down over a couple of months or completed in two weeks. 
$2000.00 per student